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$35 for 30 min

$70 for 60 min

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A Determined and Dedicated Music Teacher

My approach to teaching piano is first and foremost being able to play as relaxed and confidently as possible without unnecessary tension so we can make the most beautiful sound imaginable. We want to master simple things first from all different angles: counting, reading, singing, hearing, and listening.

From there, we develop a curriculum centered around your goals, whether that is learning the basics, playing your favorite song, or improvising a composition.  

Either way, I would love to guide you on your journey to mastering the art of playing piano. I can't wait to find out what you dream of playing. 

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A Patient and Thoughtful Teacher


I knew as soon as I discovered the piano that I wanted to share it with others.

I started learning how to play late in life while soaking up everything I could at a community college. Inspired by the teachers around me, I focused mainly on classical, with additional studies in Jazz. After completing my Bachelors in Psych and Child Development, I then went on to receive my MFA in music and have been teaching since 2012.

I am dedicated to constant improvement and want to instill the same excitement for learning new things in my students. I love working with all ages and am especially empathetic with adult students because I know what it's like to learn late in life. There are sometimes overwhelming challenges that come with developing coordination as well as reading and hearing music.

Nevertheless, whether you're young or old, I thrive on seeing my students grow and develop as they discover what they can achieve. When they get that glitter in their eye and you know you've connected with them and what they once found confusing clicks into place, there's really no other feeling like it. 

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My daughter started learning piano at the age of 5 from Josh and it has been an incredible journey of almost 3 years. She has really gained interest in music and Josh played a very important role in this. He is always very patient and calm while teaching.

Jayanta Das

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Learn any piece you want!

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